Camping in U.S. - A journey Of A Lifetime

Bored of the daily round and excited to start a new adventure? Now you can choose to make a change and we are here to help you decide. Due to the multitude of advantages, this kind of vacation offers you the right place in the right moment just for you to recharge your battery.

We made a great selection of the most great camping places in all United States. Choose one and go in your adventure for a lifetime.

We will start with Acadia National Park located in Maine. The park is covered with 17 millions acres of forest and amazing rivers and lakes, becoming the camper's paradise. Arcadia National Park offers 3 campgrounds. One of them is Blackwoods, that is closer to the island centre- Bar Harbor, the second place of camping is Seawall, a more rustic place with less touristy environment and not at least Schoodic Woods that might be the best place because is surrounded by water.

The campgrounds have a certain opening dates. Blackwoods camp is open all year but in December to March you will need a permission. Seawall campground is open from late May to September and Schoodic is open from May until Columbus Day.

Another place to start a great camping vacation is The Green Mountain National Forest located in Vermont. There, you will find 5 areas for camping and you can do lots of outdoor activities like hiking and biking. You can enjoy the amount of green forest and great landscapes. You must know that the campgrounds don't have electric hookups or dump stations so you must be prepared for this. The camps are opened all year but in some seasons you must do a reservation due to the high number of people who choose this kind of vacation.

For a more adventurous camping you can choose Badlands National Park located in South Dakota. There you will find 2 campgrounds open all year around. Cedar Pass, the camp that has more amenities like running water and electricity and Sage Creek that doesn't have a running water and it's more primitive that the first camp.

In the end you can try the most adventurous place- Glacier Bay National Park located in Alaska. The park offers unlimited ways to spend your vacation like, spending the night under the stars, cruising the bay on a tour or private boat and rafting over the rivers. Even if the park doesn't have marked trails, the park rangers lead a lots of tours daily during the summer. There you will find just one campground named Bartlett Cove with outhouses, warming shelters and safe food storage. The camp is open all year round but in the winter the accessibility and services are more limited.

There are a few examples of options where you can make a camping vacation. Also you can choose – Yosemite National Park located in California, Olympic National Park from Washington or Crater Lake National Park located in Oregon.

Badlands National Park

Glacier Bay National Park

Yosemite National Park

Olympic National Park